Personal Styling


Let’s build a wardrobe together.

From CEOs to stay at home moms and everyone in between, I help men and women build wardrobes, dress for important events, and pack for business and personal trips.  Perhaps you’re attending a charity event and need to look extra put together, or you’re just running around town and need to look stylish — I’ve got you covered.


I help real people get dressed every day.

Whatever your needs are, let’s put something together that works for you. Want to meet me at Nordstrom and walk into a dressing room filled with clothing that is chosen just for you? That’s my specialty. Want to do some virtual shopping, everything from stylish clothing to decor for your home to the best beauty products?  I can do that. Want to go to Seattle or LA and shop for the day? Let’s do it.


Need some referrals?

After living and working in Portland my whole life, I know some really cool people. If you want a beauty stylist to do your makeup, get a little Botox or a facial or the latest laser treatment, they’re all in my “little black book” — and I’ll share them with you while we’re working together.