Personal stylist, Portland, Oregon

My journey in fashion began over 25 years ago as a Portland-based buyer for Nordstrom. After a decade in this position, I developed a solid grasp of trends and market demands. I also learned that what you really need is the key pieces that work well together and that you can wear over and over again.

As I developed the ability to identify what my customer wants and needs, I decided that my true passion was working with clients one-on-one as a personal stylist.  It is helpful that I know what to wear for real life: I also participate in my kids’ events, pack for family vacations, go to work meetings, attend dinner parties, meet friends for lunch, run errands. I know my customer’s lifestyle because I’m living it.

I’m grateful for the long-standing friendships I’ve formed, and I love guiding and inspiring women while creating practical, versatile, stylish outfits. I get to influence how my clients look and feel, and I am honored to do that every day. My greatest reward is when they tell me how happy they are, and how confident they’ve become when getting dressed in the morning!

So, after doing what I have been doing for a very long time, the thing that feels the most “right” at this moment is to put all my knowledge and passion in one place and share it with anyone who is interested. My blog, So Susie, combines many years of expertise as a stylist with a desire to make recommendations that help women put together the perfect wardrobe. I work very hard to make So Susie informative, beautiful and inspiring, and I’m really glad you’re here.

Thank you for following along!

xx Susie