11 October 2023

New Vuori Outerwear We All Need!

Vuori: Restore 1/2 zip hoodie | Clean Elevation Leggings | Sneakers

New Vuori Outerwear we all need!

I remember several years ago, when I was just beginning to write So Susie, I purchased a pair of Vuori Performance Joggers. A good friend immediately texted saying how much I was going to love them … and she was right! Who knew these simple joggers would end up being so beloved over the last few years? They’re ridiculously soft, perfect for lounging around the house, running errands and, of course, exercising. Best of all, you can dress them up or down, so they’re also great for travel. I’ve gone on about Vuori joggers literally hundreds of times, because they really are that good. If you don’t own a pair by now, I highly suggest you RUN and buy them, because trust me, you’ll be happy you did!

Today’s post is about brand new Vuori favorites that are perfect for Fall. I absolutely love their new outerwear pieces, and this sherpa jacket looks cozy and can be worn for running errands or to and from the gym. I also spotted this cool shirt jacket, which looks stylish layered over this super soft halo essential hoodie. Keep reading to see a little style inspo, my new Vuori favorites, including some of the best things for men. They love Vuori too!


Susie’s Vuori favorites


Left: Cozy Sherpa Jacket | Clean Elevation Leggings | Sneakers | Pose Fitted Tee | Right: Canyon Insulated Shirt Jacket | Halo Essential Hoodie | Clean Elevation Leggings | Tote | Luggage | Sneakers



Amazing Outerwear

Halo insulated jacket | Halo Essential Wide-leg | Baseball hat | Performance Jogger | Belt bag | Sneaker | Canyon Insulated jacket

Outerwear favorites



Cozy Fleece Favorites

Cozy Sherpa jacket | Studio Flare pant | Douglas Beanie | Performance Jogger | Gym Bag | Hat |Restore 1/2 Zip Hoodie | Sneaker

Fleece favorites


The fabulous Vuori performance joggers


Matching hoodie



Don’t forget about your guys!

Jack: Jacket, similar and jogger | Susie: Halo hoodie and Performance Jogger   Right: Sunday Performance Jogger | Meysan Down Jacket | Douglas Beanie | Bag | Ponto Performance Crew | Sneaker

Several years ago, my son received the Sunday Performance joggers as a gift. He immediately put them on and pretty much wore them all winter break! He was so surprised to learn many of his friends had them too. Last year, my husband finally got a pair as well, and now we all wear them. On our London trip earlier this year, we all had a good laugh when we noticed we were all wearing our joggers for the long flight!  Here are a few of my other favorites for men.


Thank you for reading and to Vuori for sponsoring this post! xx

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