7 splurge items that are worth the investment!

Splurge items: Frame sweater | Frame skirt | Valentino shoes | YSL bag

7 splurge items that are worth the investment!

… and some affordable options too

It’s that time of year when we start seriously thinking about our fall wardrobes, and that often means purchasing some “splurge items,” like boots, coats and handbags. After helping thousands of women over the years, one thing I know is that some of us like to purchase fewer but higher quality items. But, some of us prefer to buy more items but without the designer price points. Actually, it doesn’t really matter where you fall — the most important thing is to add pieces that have longevity, that you absolutely love, and that you’ll wear with ALL THE TIME! Easier said than done, I know … even I make some buying mistakes along the way. So, which ones are really worth it?

Today’s post is about 7 splurge items that are worth the investment. I own most of these splurge items, and I can tell you that I wear at least one piece daily. That’s what makes them worth the investment! I prefer to have fewer items that work with all my outfits, even if initially it costs a little more. If you’ve been following me for a while, you often see me wear the same bags, shoes and jewelry over and over again. Why? Because they go with everything! To me, owning these pieces makes getting dressed easier (and faster), and gives me an elevated look. You really only need one per outfit!

What about lower-priced items? I’m often asked to share lower priced items, and here’s the deal. I believe in mixing high and low, and the Sam Edelman loafers $59 and Anthropologie bag are good examples of that concept. But, I will only share affordable options that I would either purchase myself, have read about, or own. In other words, I’m picky and very selective with what I share here on So Susie! You can trust that I’m always doing my best for you. 🙂


#1 Jewelry (specifically my necklace stack)

Rails sweater | Frame denim | Stuart Weitzman boots | Naghedi tote | Earrings | Necklaces: here, here and here

In the past few years, I’ve paid more attention to jewelry than I ever have in my life. It’s a little addicting, but worth it if you choose wisely 😉 Since jewelry has the ability to elevate all your outfits, it’s definitely worth the splurge! A stylish friend of mine has some of the best jewelry, and I complimented her on a butterfly necklace that caught my eye. She thanked me and shared that it was from her sweet granddaughter and cost $12. The point is, beautiful jewelry doesn’t need to be expensive!

Everyday favorites

Necklaces: Some of my faves include the Gigi Clozeau necklace I’ve worn every day for the last year. It’s dainty and beautiful and layers perfectly with every other necklace. This year, I treated myself to this Zoe Chicco one for my birthday, and lately I’ve added this pretty green charm on a separate chain. Other favorites include this initial necklace, this pearl one and this Foundrae one.

Earrings: I pretty much wear these three every day — Maria Tash studs, Spinelli Kilcollin hoops and these mini huggie earrings. (I have three piercings on each ear)

Rings: I love this Jamie Joseph white ring, and I wear it often. Same with this David Yurman ring and these Bony Levy stackable rings, here and here.

Affordable options

J.Crew has some trendy pieces like this bracelet and these earrings. Also look at this Nadri tennis necklace and this cool bracelet


#2 Gucci splurge items: belt, loafers, bucket bag and scarf

Gucci scarf | Gray wrap coat | Paige écru denim | Anine Bing t-shirt

If you invest in classic pieces, you’ll have them for years. This insta famous belt with the gold GG’s was my first purchase, and then when I was over it I sold it — with regrets, because now it’s back!! I replaced it with the tonal belt in this exact size, which is perfect because you can wear it with everything. The Gucci loafers and Horsebit sandals are super comfortable, and perfect all year ’round.

Several years ago, I purchased this bucket bag in ivory, and I still wear it regularly. This scarf was one of my splurge items two years ago. After spending hours (no joke) in the boutique, I finally landed on the soft gray color — and have always been happy with it! (I almost went with the black and would probably have loved that one too) This year, I’m eyeing these brand new loafers with a crystal embellishment, these sock booties and this bag.

Affordable options

The Tory Burch crossbody bags are reminiscent of the Gucci camera bags, and the colors are really pretty. These Sam Edelman mules and loafers are amazing — I just purchased the tan color, and they’re very comfortable. For belts, you can’t go wrong with Rag & Bone or B-low the Belt. Finally, for a scarf option, there’s really no better one than this Nordstrom one that I take absolutely everywhere!


#3 Stylish sneakers

Isabel Marant sweatshirt | Mother Insider jeans | Golden goose Ballstar sneakers | Naghedi tote

I love, love, love sneakers, and thank goodness they’re still trendy and in style! I spotted cool girls wearing them with everything from dresses to skirts to jeans in London, Paris and NYC. Finding a pair or two you absolutely love is worth the investment, since you’ll wear them regularly and all seasons. Last year, I purchased these GG Ballstar sneakers and pretty much wore them daily throughout winter. I also love Rag & Bone and these Alexander McQueens, and now I have my eye on this pair by Axel Arigato.

Affordable options

Sam Edelman always does a great job, and the Ethyl and Josie are both great. Veja is another favorite, along with New Balance. Grab them now before they sell out!


#4 Favorite fragrances (also splurge here 😉)

Baccarat Rouge 540 | La Labo Santal 33 | Gucci Guilty | Creed Royal Princess Oud

I LOVE perfume, and over the years have collected several different ones as splurge items. I’m not sure why, but the ones I love happen to be a little on the expensive side 😉 Maybe it’s because of all the years I worked at Nordstrom — I got hooked! Pro tip: buy a travel size of the one you like (costs less) and test it out. Or, you can get testers, which I always do before spending a lot of money on a full bottle.

Lately, the fragrance I wear all the time is Baccarat Rouge 540 (the #1 fragrance everywhere). As a matter of fact, on this NY trip, I dashed into Bloomingdales and picked up a travel size after realizing I left mine behind. Good thing, because I found out they just launched the body wash and re-packaged the lotion (in the old bottle it was impossible to get it out).

Le Labo is another favorite, and while I was in Paris, I splurged on Vanille 44, an exclusive scent only available in Paris. I treated my bestie to Rose 31, which she absolutely loves. For the month of September, the Vanille 44, which is part of the City Exclusives collection, is available in select Nordstrom stores and in any of the Le Labo stores.

Other all time favorite fragrances include: Creed Royal Princess Oud, Le Labo Santal 33, Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede, Tom Ford Rose Prick and Gucci Guilty. Splurge on one you love (or hint about it for a birthday present 😉) and make it your signature! You might spend a little more, but it’ll be worth it.


#5 Wool coats

Max Mara coat | Stripe cardigan | Spanx pant | L’Agence sandals

Investing in beautiful coats is one of the best purchases you can make! My first buying job was a Nordstrom coat buyer, and since the very beginning, I’ve had a soft spot for coats. Max Mara is an all time favorite brand, and you can’t go wrong with something like this or this. Fleurette is another elevated brand — check out this coat and this coat too. One detail I always consider is double faced wool. It’s a detail that makes your coat look way more expensive. Some brands that do it really well include Reiss, Theory and Mango.

Affordable options

This Mango coat is so good, I highly recommend it! The double faced wool detail makes it look elevated and sleek. I also love this, this and this!


#6 Boots

Rails blouse | Mother denim | Stuart Weitzman boots | YSL Toy Puffer | Jenny Bird bracelet

For your everyday go-to boot, I recommend buying the best one you can because you’ll wear them every day. Last year, I splurged on these by Toteme and they completed every fall outfit I wore! While in New York, I tried on these new boots, and I’m considering them as the ones to add this season. These Stuart Weitzman boots (another splurge) are also favorites, and are a pair I highly recommend. Here are a few others that caught my eye this season.

Affordable options

Rag and Bone Rover boots are amazing. Same with this J.Crew Toteme-inspired ones, Marc Fisher, and Larroude.


#7 Luxury handbags and totes

Vince sweater, similar | Frame coated denim | Sandals | YSL puffer

I think designer bags are one of the best investments you can make. Since we wear a handbag or a tote every single day, consider it a key part of your outfit! I often throw my crossbody bag into my tote in case I need a smaller option while I’m out and about. But either way, making the investment is something I doubt you’ll ever regret. When it comes to color selections this time of year, I recommend black, ivory or caramel (saddle brown). From there, adding a fun color like red or a pretty blue adds a little extra to your bag collection.

Caramel bag options: Loewe Flamenco, Celine Triomphe, and this Gucci shoulder bag

Everyday favorites: Gucci camera bag, this Bottega, and this Prada

Totes: Chloe Woody, YSL tote, Burberry tote, and this Valentino one

Affordable options

One of my favorite affordable handbag brands is Rebecca Minkoff (I love this tote). Naghedi totes are super practical and the styling is elevated. Also, you can’t go wrong with anything by Tory Burch, check out this one.


#8 Last of the splurge items: a Moncler puffer

Moncler puffer | Vuori jogger | ATM Tee | Rag & Bone sneakers

Moncler is a huge splurge, I know, and I was late to the game when I added this one last fall. No joke, I wore it every other day … all the way until May! It went on every airplane trip, and because it’s thin you can even tie it around your waist if you get too hot. I went with a size small so I could layer a hoodie like this one under it. It gives it a little update! Now I have my eye on this ivory one. I can just see a black hoodie/black jean combo and Gucci loafers being an everyday, run-errands outfit.

Affordable options

While shopping in NYC I spotted this Mackage one — LOVE! I also like this hooded one and this Mango one for Moncler-inspired puffer coats.


Thank you for reading! xx

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