12 September 2023

5 fall sweaters you’ll absolutely love!

Fall sweaters: Stine Goya sweater | Gray denim | White bag, similar | Ring, similar | Sandals

5 fall sweaters you’ll absolutely love!

… and the key pieces you need to pull your outfits together

I love this time of year, don’t you? New York Fashion Week has just wrapped up, and the stores are packed with brand new Fall merchandise. I know we’re technically still in summer, but in just over a week, it will be fall 🍁 This past week here in Oregon, the weather has started to shift, and evening temps are calling for lightweight sweaters — it’s so exciting!

Today’s post is about 5 fall sweaters you’ll absolutely love. Just yesterday, I popped into our local Nordstrom store, and walked out with 3 brand new sweaters. That never happens 😉 Don’t worry, I’m not going to show you big chunky sweaters! Instead, I’m sharing lightweight, “wear now” sweaters that not only look great on, but also look cool when casually draped over your shoulders. Keep reading to see my new picks, all available at Nordstrom: from a hoodie to cotton sweaters under $100 to my favorite brand that everyone loves. Happy sweater weather!

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#1 French-inspired classic striped sweaters

Stripe sweater | Jeans | Green coat | Sneakers | YSL bag | Earrings

Striped sweaters aren’t going anywhere, and thanks to the cool brand Toteme, they’re super stylish at the moment. The great thing about striped sweaters is that they add a little interest to every single outfit! This new one by COS is amazing, and so is this classic polo one by Rails, another favorite brand carried at Nordstrom.

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#2 Nordstrom brand sweaters

Nordstrom hoodie | Black coat | Flare jeans | White boot | YSL bag | Earrings | Sunglasses Nordstrom and Nordstrom Signature make some of my favorite sweaters, and the price point tends to be a little lower than that of brand name styles. This hoodie just arrived (thank you to my friend who alerted me before they were unpacked)! This one won’t last, so grab it now while it’s fully stocked. I also picked up this lightweight cashmere sweater, and the pale gray color is really pretty. I prefer to size up so it’s gently oversized. The two best ones to consider are this crew style and this v-neck. They’re both easy to layer and you’ll wear them all the time!

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#3 Sweaters under $100

Faux leather jacket | Stripe sweater | Boot | Bag | Bracelet | Sunglasses Treasure & Bond, another Nordstrom brand that’s a favorite, has high quality, affordable styles. I had this $69 sweater from several years ago, and it kept selling out. Now it’s back so don’t wait!  Another best-selling sweater is this off the shoulder one that’s a little sexy and super cozy. And, I know this isn’t a sweater, but this Treasure & Bond faux leather jacket is stylish it’s worth a look. And, the hoodie and crew neck styles above would look cool layered under it. While I was looking for sweaters, I spotted these dresses below, which are so good, I decided to include them too!

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#4 Favorite brand: Vince

Blue coat | Vince sweater | Jeans | Alexander McQueen sneakers | David Yurman hoop earrings | White bag 

Vince sweaters are hands-down a favorite, and these are sweaters that you’ll have for years to come. They’re high quality, and the styles are classic … but with a little extra! I absolutely love this longer cardigan — it’s stylish and classy, and you can wear it with these favorite trousers, over dresses, and of course with your favorite denim. I just picked up this black one that for now I’ll wear over this gorgeous printed blouse, also by Vince.

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#5 Special sweaters worth the splurge

Lilac coat | Theory brown sweater | Coated denim | Bag | Sandal | Earrings

Every now and then you fall in love with a special sweater, and having one (or two) you absolutely love takes your wardrobe to the next level. Think of a color like this brown one with ruched sleeves, or one like the pink one I’m wearing above with sparkly buttons. They make a statement, but they’re also very wearable.

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The key pieces to pull it all together!





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