5 September 2023

My honest reviews of your most-asked about items!

Honest reviews: J.Crew cardigan | Mother denim ecru | Sandals | YSL 5 a 7 bag | ATM t-shirt

My honest reviews of your most-asked about items!

My exclusive reviews of 10 favorite items ⭐️

Writing this fun little blog is truly a career highlight … and honestly, a bit of a surprise! It started as a place to share style inspo with my friends and clients, and it has quickly grown into something much bigger. At the beginning of this year, I started a new series reviewing items that are similar. The idea came to me after realizing that many of us are deciding between similar items on a regular basis.

Whether it’s between a Gucci splurge loafer or the Sam Edelman affordable one, we’re all trying to choose the best piece for our personal lifestyles. If you were ever in “Room 3” with me at Nordstrom, you know that I’ll always give my honest opinion when asked! I don’t always get it right, but I give it my best every single day 🤍

So, here are my exclusive reviews of 10 your favorite items, just in time for fall. Purchasing online is tricky, and relying on reviews we read can also be challenging. For example, lately I’ve been getting questions about the Nordstrom wool/cashmere hoodie vs. the one at Bloomingdales, and which one is better. I’ve also been asked which jean to purchase, the Rag & Bone Peyton or the Paige Laurel Canyon. The list goes on and on, and hopefully this post will give you ideas that will help guide you to make the best decisions when you’re deciding which items to buy. Let me know if you like it, and I’ll write more posts like this one. Cheers!



Rag & Bone Slade blazer vs. Rag & Bone Ponte blazer


Left: Wool Slade blazer | Right: Ponte Slade blazer

Hands down, this is a favorite blazer that really feels more like a sweater. It’s comfy, can be worn most seasons and it’s super versatile. This fall, the Ponte fabric arrived, and I’ve been getting questions as to which one to purchase. My answer is usually the wool one. However, if you love the camel color, then the Ponte knit fabric is the style I’d recommend. The fabric is a little stiffer, but it’s still stretchy and comfortable. For sizing info, I have the wool one in my usual size 4, and the camel one in a size 2.


Hoodies: Wool vs. Wool/Cashmere


Left: Varley jacket, similar here | Nordstrom hoodie | Sneakers | Right: Bloomingdales hoodie | Mother denim | Sneakers

It’s hoodie season, and I’m so glad they’re still trending, because — talk about comfortable!! Thanks to Prada, who used a gray hoodie in almost every runway outfit, it’s a good sign we’ll see more of in the coming months. I have hoodies from almost every brand, and here’s the scoop:

Nordstrom: The wool/cashmere hoodie is soft, and it’s gently oversized. They just received this camel one. Don’t wait because these sell out every single time!

Bloomingdales: Their cashmere hoodies are so good! The camel one I’m wearing above is super soft and the quality is really high. I also have this cashmere wrap. If you’re looking for softer sweaters, this is a great option

Naadam: I popped into one of their stores last spring just so I could touch and feel their cashmere — and I was impressed! The color selection is amazing, and I love this camel color. I find all of these hoodies to run pretty similar, and I take an XS in all of them.


Toteme boots vs. J.Crew boots


Left: Toteme boot | Right: J.Crew boot

Having just one cool, updated boot makes all the difference in your fall outfits! Last year, I splurged on this Toteme boot, and it quickly became my everyday boot. The elongated toe box is stylish but still very wearable. Just the other day, I spotted this J.Crew version. While I haven’t tried it on, I have found almost every J.Crew shoe or boot to be spot on, both in terms of styling and comfort. Definitely worth trying if you want to get the look for less.


Leather jackets: Reiss vs. Madewell vs. AllSaints


Left: Reiss leather jacket | Denim | Mother t-shirt | L’Agence sandals | Right: Madewell denim jacket | Jeans | Stuart Weitzman pumps

Leather jackets are another timeless piece that are worth adding to your wardrobe. They add a little edginess to every outfit, as well as extra warmth. There are three brands to consider.

Madewell: This is their classic style that has been a best-seller for years. It runs small, so definitely size up. I love this one for its relaxed and soft feel.

AllSaints: These leatherjackets are always top-sellers, and you should definitely size up since they run a size small. The Dalby is my favorite, the styling is a little less fussy, and I find it easier to style. Check out all the versions here. The Balfern style has a belt, and a lot of people love it.

Reiss: I decided to purchase this one. The styling felt a little sleeker, maybe a touch more polished, and the leather is really soft. It also felt less bulky than the other two.


Mango cardigan vs. J.Crew Ella cardigan


Left: Mango cardigan | Right: J.Crew Ella cardigan

These coatigans are so comfy! Versatile and quite warm, you can almost wear them as a lightweight coat. If I were just a few inches taller, I’d wear them all the time 😉 But since I’m 5’1″, they both feel too overwhelming on me. Such a bummer, I’ve tried everything to get them to work! So, if you’re taller than me, they’re both amazing, and I think it just comes down to color preference. They both run big, so size down.


J.Crew trench coat vs. Orolay trench coat


Left: J.Crew trench | Dior bag | AGOLDE jeans | Gucci sandals | Right: Orolay trench | Stripe sweater | Mother denim | Black boots

Trench coats are a fall staple, and I just talked about them in this recent blog post. I prefer the slightly oversized ones, like the Orolay one I’m wearing on the right. J.Crew came out with a similar version, but I haven’t tried it yet. The J.Crew Icon trench I’m wearing on the left is a great classic style (it probably looks better on my frame), and it comes with a detachable hood. If you prefer a shorter style, this one is brand new and currently on sale!


Anthropologie bag vs. Bottega bag


Left: Anthropologie bag | Right: Bottega Veneta bag

The Anthropologie bag (above left) is going viral on Tik Tok, so of course I decided to try it out myself and see if it’s worth the hype. I purchased this larger one, and the beige color is fantastic. There’s definitely a big difference compared to the real Bottega one, but if you want the look, you can’t go wrong with the Anthro one. I just noticed the smaller one back in stock, and I think it looks more expensive than the larger one.


Slip skirts: Anthropologie vs. J.Crew vs. Vince


Left: Vince sweater and skirt | Sandals | Bag, similar | Right: Sweater | Slip skirt | Sandals | Clutch | Necklace | Charm

Slip skirts are trending, and the Vince one is my personal favorite. It’s cut on the bias, and it’s flattering and slimming on everyone. And, the satin fabric is really nice quality and pretty. I took the Anthro Tilda skirt on my trip to Europe and I was really surprised how good the quality is for the price. It also comes in a longer length here. Another affordable option is the J.Crew one and it’s pretty comparable to the Anthro one. I’d just go for the color you like. But, if you want the investment, I’d pick the Vince one.


Gucci loafers vs. Sam Edelman loafers


Left: Gucci loafer | Right: Sam Edelman loafer

In the beginning when I wasn’t sure about loafers (5 years ago), I decided to take a baby step and purchase the Sam Edelman loafer. It was perfect for a couple of years until I decided I’d make the investment in the Gucci loafer. So if your pocket book allows, I’d go with the Gucci. But if you want the look for less, you can’t go wrong with the Sam Edelman one – and how good is this neutral color!


Rag & Bone Peyton vs. Paige Laurel Canyon

Left: Anine Bing utility jacket | Paige Laurel Canyon | Right: 1822 utility jacket – $59 | Rag & Bone Peyton

Flare jeans are everywhere, and I’ve decided they’re going to be the style I’ll wear the most this fall. They’re leg lengthening, and super flattering. The Paige Laurel Canyon jeans are a little slimmer, and the Rag & Bone ones feel a little more current, so I think if I was choosing, I’d go for the Rag & Bone. They also just came out with this all black wash — you’ll wear it all season long!


Chanel-inspired shoes vs. the real thing


Left: Anne Klein shoes | Right: Chanel shoe

These Chanel-inspired shoes are everywhere right now, and they look SO good on! The Anne Klein ones have a slightly pointier toe and they’re a little higher, which I really like. And, dare I say, the color is also the perfect shade. If you prefer a lower version, this one by Jon Joseph is also really good, and so is this Sam Edelman version.



Thank you for reading xx