18 April 2023

Easy outfit ideas for your next vacation

Outfit ideas: Farm Rio dress | Loeffler Randall sandals | Chloe tote | Foundrae necklace | Gigi Clozeau necklace | Gorjana necklace

Easy outfit ideas for your next vacation ☀️

We all love going on vacation, don’t we? I know I do, especially this time of year when those of us living in the PNW need a little sunshine ☀️ It has been raining nonstop here, and it’s tough when you’re looking at the weather app several times a day hoping to see a break. At least it feels a little springy, with pretty blossoms on the trees and lots of green everywhere!

Lately I’ve been getting lots of lovely texts, and by the sound of it, many of you have some fun travel plans coming up. No matter where you’re going, packing usually isn’t easy … for any of us 😉 Last summer, when I went to the Dominican Republic with Wacoal and had several important events to attend, I started a “new concept” for packing. And since then, it has really helped me make sure I have the correct outfits. So, I thought I’d share it with you!

Today’s post is about easy outfit ideas for your next trip. And, here’s my new concept: if you lay out your clothes by outfit according to the things you’ll be doing, it makes packing a lot easier! To start, I highly recommend these compression packing cubes — they’re life-changing when it comes to fitting everything in your suitcase. Also, they aren’t expensive and help you stay organized and tidy. Plus, if you pack them with your clothes per activity, it’s really efficient. So keep reading for new style board inspo, and a few outfit ideas you might like for your next trip!


Travel outfit ideas and packing essentials


Susie’s outfit: Spanx jumpsuit | Suitcase | Chloe tote | Sandals | Bracelet

Top row: Rag & Bone blazer | ATM t-shirt | Baseball hat | Denim jacketMiddle row: Packing cubes | Suitcase | Beis Weekender bag | Black scarfBottom row: Terrycloth dress | White sneaker | Sandal | Chloe tote | Earrings | Bracelet

On my recent trip to CA, I went for the comfy route and wore these Varley joggers and the Levi’s denim jacket above. I borrowed my daughter’s cute white suitcase, but after traveling with it, I’ve decided it’s not for me! A white suitcase looks good in a photo, but after the first trip, it’s already dirty. I think I’ll stick with darker colors for luggage 😉 I can’t say enough good things about this black scarf that I take on every trip. I highly recommend it, along with the above-mentioned packing cubes and the Beis weekender bag. To see more travel favorites, click here to read this post.


Other travel outfit ideas


Left: Tan shirt | Mother denim | Tote | Sandals | Beis Weekender | Briggs & Riley suitcase | Right: Cashmere wrap | Knit pants | Sandals | Monos luggage | Gucci bag | Beis Weekender


Daytime dresses for lunches & shopping


Susie’s outfit: Rails dress | Straw tote | Sandals | Brinker & Eliza bracelet | Pearl bracelet | Right: Green dress | Gauze jacket | Basket bag | Bracelet | Sandals

Comfortable dresses are worth every penny in my book! They work with denim jackets, cardigans over your shoulders, flat sandals or heeled sandals … the list goes on. They can be dressed up or down, and you’ll always feel polished and put together. Dresses are my go-to all summer long. Last year, I wore this Paige dress everywhere! For now, I have my eye on this Veronica Beard striped dress and this new ALC one. Both so easy, and wearable for everyday.


Stylish Dinner outfit


Left: Frank & Eileen shirt | Vince slip dress | Fendi bag | Sandals | Right: Denim jacket | Farm Rio dress | Bag | Sandals | Earrings | Sunglasses

It’s always a good idea to pack one black dress, just in case. It hardly takes up any space and is an easy go-to piece for dinner. I can never decide which one though, so this time I brought this Norma Kamali strapless and this one by Anthropologie. Dress them up or down depending on the event using the accessories you brought along. For undergarments, this Wacoal Red Carpet Strapless bra is hands down a favorite. To see all my favorite lingerie pieces, check out here.


Exercise ideas


Left: Stripe t-shirt | Lululemon tennis skirt | Sneakers | Rag & Bone baseball hat | Right: Vuori hoodie and skirt | Dior sandals

Some of us work out on vacation, some of us don’t 😂 For those who do, Pickleball is definitely all the rage right now. But whether you play pickleball or tennis, walk or jog — it doesn’t matter. Don’t overpack here — a couple of sets of workout clothes you love and feel good in will do. Lately I’ve been loving anything related to tennis or pickleball, like this cute bag and jewelry case. I also LOVE the Lululemon belt bag and take it on every trip.


By the pool outfits


Left: Swimsuit | Cover up | Tote | Eric Javits Hat | Supergoop Glow Oil | Sunglasses | SandalsRight: Farm Rio cover-up and swimsuit | Chloe Tote | Sandals | Brinker & Eliza Bracelet | Vacation perfume

J.Crew has the best swim shop, and I love pretty much everything! They’re high quality and well-priced, and you can’t go wrong with any piece! Also, their coverups are cute and stylish and if you want one that goes with everything, look at this oversized shirt coverup — I’m going on 5 years of owning mine! This year, I noticed this longer version as well. Finally, packing a straw bag sounds difficult, but it’s not if you stuff it with all your swim things and lay it sideways in your suitcase. You don’t need to overpack swimsuits, just make sure they mix and match with your coverups.


Happy hour 🥂


Left: Allsaints blouse | Veronica Beard denim | Lady Dior bag | Sandals | Right: Cinq A Sept blazer | Cami | Jeans | Bracelet | Gold clutch | Gold sandals

Having a cute happy hour outfit works whether you’re on vacation or at home! Of course dresses are always a go-to, but sometimes a pretty blouse, jacket and denim is comfortable and always stylish!


Thank you for reading xx