26 March 2023

It’s official: here’s what you loved this month!

Official: 1.State blazer | Mother Insider ivory denim | Chloe tote | Schutz sandals | J.Crew ivory tank

It’s official: here’s what you loved this month!

When I first started this blog a few years ago, the initial idea was simply to share street style inspo. NEVER did I intend to be pictured in every post! I also didn’t realize my buying skills would come in handy. Fast forward to now, and it feels like I’m playing “store” every day. I love scouring the internet, doing “blog research,” and curating what I think are the hottest items for you. It’s kind of like my old Nordstrom buying days, when we would eagerly wait until the end of the day to see what sold. We’d excitedly gather ’round and count the tickets — and we did this every single day! It’s one of the thrills of being a buyer … when you pick right, it feels really good 😊

When I sat down to analyze what you loved this month, I decided the top, most popular items were worth sharing with you. The great news is everything is still available, and many things are even on sale. My suggestion for the most popular items is this: if anything catch your eye, grab it now. If you wait too long, the best items will be gone! I consider it my duty to share the very best with you, both regular price and on sale. So, grab a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine 😉) and check it out! Hope you find some things you love 🤍

P.S. Did you know there’s a shopping app called ShopLTK? I post there regularly, and you can find my page here. Often, it’s exclusive content that you won’t find on the blog. Once a week, I share favorites under $100, as well as the Top 10 sellers on So Susie. You can check it out here! Moving ahead, I’ll be posting even more on my ShopLTK page — it’s easy to shop, trust me!


Last call for Saks Friends & Family: 25% off!


Left: Frame denim jacket | Norma Kamali strapless dress | Sandals | Valentino bag | Right: Saks sale board here and here

These Friends & Family sales are among my favorites, and here’s why: we’re talking brand-new, in-season merchandise that’s temporarily 25% off! The denim jacket and jeans I purchased last month at regular price are now on sale. So, trust me when I say don’t wait if you’re looking for a few spring updates. The Saks sale ends Monday, and here are a few things that caught my eye this morning.

The ALC Renzo dress is on sale in a couple of colors, and so are all the Rhode dresses, which are perfect for sunny vacations

Cinq a Sept is also on sale, and you can’t go wrong with this tank, this dress or this jacket

If you need new jeans, Mother is on sale, and the Insider and Hustler are two best-sellers. Paige is on sale too, check it out here

P.S. Neiman Marcus is having a sale too, click here and here to see the board I made with some favorites


Neutral shoes


Susie’s outfit: Tan shirt | White denim | Fendi bag | Schutz sandals | Left Column: Jimmy Choo | Schutz | L’Agence | Anthropologie | Right column: Schutz | Gucci | Sam Edelmann | Larroude | Vince

I can’t say enough about the importance of owning several pairs of neutral shoes. I recommend a casual, flat style: a mid-heel like this new Larroude style, or the Schutz one. If you can wear heels, try this L’Agence style or this Gucci. The trick is to find a shade that blends in with your leg … then the shoes kind of disappear. They’re leg lengthening, and they go with every single outfit! Stop thinking you should only have one pair — you should have several! It gives you more options. Read more about it here.


Spanx faves


Left: 1/2 zip top | Tennis skirt | Sneakers | Loewe tote | Right: ATM t-shirt | AirEssentials crew and pant | Sandal | Naghedi tote

Spanx is a favorite brand, and has been for years. Of course, we all think of Spanx for shapewear and the infamous faux leather legging (which might be one of the top sellers in all of Nordstrom). Well, now there’s the Perfect collection: “Perfectly-smoothing and machine washable, meet the head-to-toe styles you won’t want to take off.” I’ve tried at least of six of these styles, and I agree, they’re that good!

Also, the newer AirEssentials collection is ideal for casual days, and it’s comfortable, stylish and practical for almost everyone. To see the recent Reels videos I shared how to style the AirEssentials, click here. To watch the Perfect Pant Reels video, click here.


ALC dress

ALC dress | Gucci sandals | Cult Gaia sparkle bag

It’s official: this ALC Renzo dress is pretty much perfection! Very flattering, and almost everyone who tries it on falls in love with it because it fits almost everyone. The black is perfect for a black tie wedding, a cocktail event, or any other special event you might have coming up. It packs perfectly with no ironing needed, so it’s ready-to-wear, straight out of your suitcase. This dress is just so elegant! For reference, I’m wearing the size 6, and I plan to have it shortened a little bit. I recommend this Wacoal strapless bra and the Spanx shapewear for smoothing under. I shared it in this Reels video along with a few other black dresses.


My honest reviews of your favorite products


Left: Cinq À Sept blazer | Right: Veronica Beard jacket

So, here they are! My ultimate reviews of your favorite products. These are the items I get asked about most often, and I thought you might like me to compare them and give you my thoughts. Purchasing online is tricky, and relying on reviews we read can also be challenging. So, hopefully this post will give you ideas that will help guide you to make the best decisions when you’re deciding which items to buy.

Gucci bucket bag vs. Tory Burch bucket bag


Left: Gucci bucket bag | Right: Tory Burch bucket bag

To see more reviews, click here!


J.Crew finds


Left board: J.Crew cardigan | Mother écru denim | Schutz sandals | YSL bag | Right board: Dress | Cashmere sweater | Naghedi tote | Sandals | Bracelet | Sunglasses

These days I get really excited about new arrivals at J.Crew. I find that pretty often I’m mixing a piece or two from J.Crew with something I already own, and putting together a great outfit. And, since the brand is on fire thanks to Olympia, the super cool lead designer, there are always pieces I love! Here’s the scoop: the good items are going fast, and if you find something that catches your eye, don’t wait because it will likely be gone. Not to mention, many things are ON SALE. Also, check out this blog post — I’m sure you’ll find some things you like!


Hands down, the top 25 products everyone loves!

Top row: White blazer | Denim jacket | VB blazer | Gray cardigan | Rag & Bone blazer | Utility jacket

Shoes/accessories: Veja sneaker | Gigi Clozeau necklace | Bracelet | YSL puffer | Naghedi tote | Schutz sandal | Gucci sandal

Tops & pants: ATM tee | Frame blouse | Blue top | ALC dress | Norma Kamali dress | White jeans | Blue jeans | Jogger

Recently, I asked a question on Instagram: what are your top, all-time favorite purchase(s) from So Susie? In fact, over 200 of you responded in 24 hours — which is absolutely amazing! Of course, many of the same pieces kept coming up. So, these are the top 25 items, all perfect for spring, that are worth sharing with you 🙂 I try really hard to carefully select the things I talk about on the blog, and I own all 25 of these items. And, I always follow my authenticity promise: I own them or have tried them on, I’ve heard amazing reviews from multiple people, or they’re on my list and I want to try them. Click here to read it!


Thank you for reading xx

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