These are the trendy basics I’ll be wearing in 2023

Trendy basics: Aritzia puffer coat – similar here | Mother denim | Sneakers | Stripe sweater, similar | Naghedi tote

These are the trendy basics I’ll be wearing in 2023

… and some I won’t be wearing

I love working on articles with Who What Wear, and you can imagine how honored I am when asked for my “advice” on fashion and styles. Their commitment to the inclusion of women over 40 is admirable, and it makes me even more proud to be affiliated with them! Recently, my friend Bobby Schuessler, the Senior Editor at WWW, asked me which basics I will (and won’t) be wearing in 2023. This is an interesting question!

After sorting through my closet the past couple of weeks, I’ve zeroed in on the trendy basics I’ll be wearing this year. Even though we still have a handful of weeks left of winter, it’s a great time to clean out your closet and prepare for the season ahead. Focus on the items you truly love and feel really good in! In my opinion, it’s better to have fewer pieces — this actually makes getting dressed much much easier. And, with spring just around the corner, I spotted some modern trends that are wearable and easy to incorporate into our current wardrobes. After all, every now and then we need to add a few pieces to our closets that help give everything else a little refresh! Today’s post is a recap from my latest WWW article.

P.S. When the article first appears in WWW, the clothing selections are made by Bobby and their team (he also chooses the title). But, when I recap the article, the items shared are MY picks! I hope you like them 😊


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Will Wear: Flare Jeans

Won’t Wear: Super-Skinny Jeans

Faux shearling jacket | Mother Weekender denim | Stuart Weitzman boots | YSL tote | ATM t-shirt

“I won’t be wearing tight skinny jeans in 2023. Instead, I’m making room in my closet for flare jean styles.” The Mother Weekender style is one of the most flattering styles to own imo. Click here to read the recent post “Skinny Jeans Are Out! Here’s What To Wear Instead.”

Flare jean best-sellers



Will Wear: Oversized Sweatshirts

Won’t Wear: Fitted Sweatshirts

Isabel Marant sweatshirt | Naghedi tote | Mother denim | GG sneakers

“Lately, I’m loving the casual and slightly oversize sweatshirt trend. Also, I know big logos aren’t for everyone, but I couldn’t resist this one. I ended up tossing tighter sweatshirts that feel uncomfortable.”

Cool, trendy sweatshirts

Nike $65 sweatshirt — love



Will Wear: Stripes of Any Kind

Won’t Wear: Loud Patterns

Orolay trench coat | Stripe sweater, similar | Stuart Weitzman boots | Naghedi tote

“Thanks to the cool brand Totême, striped sweaters are having a moment, and the options are endless! I’m certain this trend will last into next year, so grab one now—you’ll wear it on repeat.”

Stripes, stripes, stripes




Will Wear:  Puffer Coats, Long or Short

Won’t Wear: Nylon Oversized Coats

Aritzia puffer coat – similar here | Mother denim | Sneakers | Stripe sweater, similar | Naghedi tote

“Puffer coats are perfect for this time of year, and both long and short styles are trendy. I love this cool Aritzia puffer, and anything bright is catching my eye.”

Puffer coats



Will Wear: Faded Denim

Won’t Wear: Light Gray Washes

Rag & Bone blazer | Cinq A Sept black blouse | Mother denim | Stuart Weitzman boots | Foundrae necklace | YSL Toy Puffer

Faded denim continues to be the denim wash I reach for most days. And, it works with almost every outfit, no matter the time of year. Light gray denim is tricky, and it’s the only denim wash I won’t wear – mainly because it’s harder to make outfits.”

Faded denim favorites


Will Wear: Blazers

Won’t Wear: Cropped Jackets

Veronica Beard blazer | Frame Le Sylvie | Prada pumps

“Blazers always add a certain polish to your outfit. Look for classic styles, like the one I’m wearing, or slightly oversized ones. I’ll be passing on any cropped styles for now.”




Will Wear: Long Wool Coats

Won’t Wear: Short Wool Coats

Black coat | Mother denim | Stuart Weitzman boots | Naghedi tote | Stripe sweater

“A long, black wool coat is always super chic, and I plan on wearing mine until the weather changes. I especially love it with faded denim and boots, but really, it works with many outfits. For now, I’m storing my shorter wool coats.”

Long wool coats


Thank you for reading! xx

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