10 November 2021

4 Ways To Style Denim

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4 Ways To Style Denim

Having a good pair of jeans in your wardrobe is an absolute must when it comes to styling outfits. Whether it’s a casual outfit at home, a night out on the town, or running your daily errands, there are so many ways to style denim. I have rounded up some of my favorite jeans, distressed denim, dark denim, classic blue denim, and white denim and how to style each pair.

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Black Denim

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Having a solid pair of black jeans in your wardrobe is essential. They go with everything and there are so many ways to style dark denim for every season. For this outfit, leave the coat at home for a warm summer night or throw it on for extra warmth during a winter day out on the town.


Classic Blue Denim

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Faded blue jeans look good with everything. They are super stylish and a great wash to have in your closet. For this outfit I paired a pastel green blazer and strappy sandals, with gold accessories for a perfect spring time look.


White Denim

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Having a white pair of denim is also important to have in your wardrobe. Typically I associate white denim as a spring and summer staple. However, you can actually start wearing white denim now, as I’ve styled above. Adding a black bootie and faux fur wool coat makes this outfit great for colder months.


Distressed Denim

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My personal favorite is distressed denim. I love the detail and edginess that is added to an outfit with a distressed pair of jeans. For this outfit, I decided to create a more casual look that is perfect for lounging at home or running to the grocery store.


More Denim Favorites

Dark Denim:


Faded Blue Denim:


White Denim:


Distressed Denim:



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