I tossed half my closet … again! Here’s why 😉

Cinq a Sept blazer | Silk cami | 7 for all Mankind coated denim | Schutz sandal | Balenciaga bag| Pearl hoop earrings

I tossed half my closet … again! Here’s why 😉

We’ve lived in our house for over 20 years, and believe it or not, my closet has always been a disaster. So, when The Closet Factory in Portland, and their talented designer Veronika, put my design ideas (and hers) into a beautiful and functional plan and implemented it, I was thrilled! The result? A beautiful, new closet that has completely exceeded my expectations. I only wish I had done it sooner!

This is the first time since I redesigned my closet that we’re switching seasons. And, I’m trying to keep it more streamlined so it’s easy to make outfits; everything has to “earn its spot.” Whenever one season is ending and another is beginning, it’s time to reevaluate! So anything you didn’t wear this past summer needs to be assessed for value, and if it won’t work in the fall, it needs to go into storage. Time for fall clothes to take its place!

Today’s post is about what to toss and what to keep (or replenish) when editing your wardrobe for the new season. I highly recommend a full closet refresh, because most of us have way too many things. Trust me, an edited closet makes getting dressed much easier, and it feels really good! Now I get to enjoy this beautiful space every single day, and share it with you on my IG stories 🙂


My beautiful, new closet!


Top left: Reformation blouse | Paige Cindy jeans | Sandals | Denim jacket | Pendant longer necklace | Gucci bag | Top Right: Bathroom baskets | Bottom left: Lantern | Gold table | Gucci bag | Gucci sandals | Bottom right: Balenciaga tote | Santal 33 perfume | Diptyque perfume | Valentino belt

Here are a few closet details I love and highly recommend to everyone! First: valet hooks. These work for any closet; you can purchase them here, and they are the perfect accessory for making outfits. Second: extra deep cabinets. I’m really appreciating the extra depth of the cabinets – -24″ makes all the difference and feels boutique-like. Third: closed doors — they hide messes and your focus goes to the shelves which display pretty things. Fourth: matching hangersthese are a total game changer! I’m so grateful to the Closet Factory, and they really did such a beautiful job, and they were a pleasure to work with! Thank you xx



Low-rise denim, dingy white denim, super super skinnies and any poorly fitting styles


Two styles: Flares and straight leg styles — that’s it!

Nordstrom cashmere sweater | Mother “Weekender” denim | White bootie | Givenchy bag

If you’re like me, then you’re most likely rotating through 3-4 pairs of jeans at any given time. That’s why it’s best to toss anything that’s dated. This includes low-rise denim, super skinny denim and anything that’s ill-fitting. While you’re at it, before you store white denim, toss it if it looks dingy! Since denim is the backbone of our closets, the ones you do own should fit perfectly. I’m only adding flares — love these Mothers, these by Fidelity and these. I’m also adding slim, straight leg styles, like this coated denim by Frame, and this medium wash blue. Here are some other favorites I think you’ll like!




Trouser pants that look like work pants, anything low-rise, anything else not worn in years (!!)


A favorite Vince pant, these new Frame trouser style ones (love!), and I’m on the lookout for a full trouser style cool pant

Scoop faux leather jacket | Scoop pants | Sandals | Cami | Ruched handbag

Most of us don’t need many pants, unless we’re regularly going into an office. Making sure to have several great black pants on hand, including this favorite Vince style. It looks good on everyone!  And check out this new and updated one by Frame — SO good. Lastly, a fuller trouser style like this. You’ll be covered for almost any occasion!




Stretched out bras, dingy panties, and anything not worn in years


Soft and comfy bras, black bras for winter, hosiery for dresses

Vince silk blouse | Vince pants | Wacoal bra

For some reason lingerie drawers tend to fill up quickly — not really sure why! Since it’s easier to have several well-fitting, comfortable bras to choose from, and it feels so good to toss old ones. I love this black stretch lace one – Soft Sense by Wacoal, this one called Softly Styled, and these newer wire-free ones by NEIWAI. The only two panties I wear and recommend are Natori Bliss thongs, and Chantelle Soft Stretch panties in any of the styles (a stylist favorite). Lastly, I’m looking for hosiery to wear with dresses and booties, and thinking about this one.




Old pj’s, ratty sleep t-shirts (we all have way too many!) and robes with snags due to kitties 🙂 Also slippers that look worn


Cozy pj’s, soft robes, new slippers, and comfy loungewear to look cute at home 🙂

NEIWAI Robe | Chemise | Barely Zero classic wire free bra | Pants and tank, not pictured

Fall and Winter are the perfect time to give our pj’s a little refresh. I just added this leopard set and I LOVE it — so comfy! I always love Honeydew, specifically this one. I’m considering this and this too. For loungewear, I have been wearing new favorites by NEIWAI  (wrote about it here). You’ll love this cozy robe and this lightweight weight slipdress too. I didn’t realize how bad my slippers are until writing this — I bought them at the beginning of the pandemic and it’s time to say goodbye! Look at this, or this.




Pilled and stretched out sweaters, old sweaters not worn in years — we all have them!!


Cashmere, simple tees, shorter cardigans and bright colored sweaters

Topshop sweater | Mother denim | Shoes, Aquazzura, older | Gucci bag

Recently, I helped someone with their closet, and I realized we ALL have too many sweaters. Toss any pilled and stretched out styles, and replace with classic ones like this lightweight cashmere tee or this cardigan. Also anything in a bright color is super stylish right now, so I added this green one and this bright pink to my own collection.




Oversized coats that look bad, uncomfortable coats, and anything ill-fitting


Lightweight puffer, puffer vests and a classic coats in a neutral color

J.Crew puffer coat | T-shirt | Mother denim

Coats are one of those items that update every outfit, and since we’re heading into cooler weather, it’s a good idea to review what we already own. I’m working on a coat edit for this coming Sunday so stay tuned 🙂 For now, I am loving puffer vests, belted wool coats and any kind of faux leather styles — so cool and stylish right now!




Poorly fitting dresses, anything not worn in years (unless it’s a keepsake), and anything too short


Sweater dresses, midi-length dresses and anything leopard

Madewell denim jacket | Black knit dress, similar | Golden Goose sneaker

After not really wearing dresses and missing out on a couple of seasons, it’s safe to say some we still have could be dated! Styles I’m keeping include sweater dresses (spotted this one by Paige today). I also love midi-style dresses like this one and this one. Having several good daytime dresses really does come in handy!


Thank you for reading! xx

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  1. This post could not come at a better time! Every season I edit my closet. And since the first day of fall is tomorrow, I’m starting tonight!

    1. Hope it went well! And good for you for editing at the beginning of every season. That’s so organized of you! You’re a good example for me to follow :0 Take care, Susie xx

  2. Great post! I pared down a couple weeks ago but woke up this morning thinking I didn’t go far enough! Perfect timing & great tips. Thanks!