Can retail math help you build a smarter wardrobe?

Moncler coat | Blush sweater, similar | Chloe handbag | Similar denim


The answer is yes, and if you choose intelligently, your key pieces will last longer and truly stand the test of time. High-priced items such as designer handbags, coats and shoes are big investments – but they can really pay off. And these days, according to a recent Harper’s Bazaar article, “it’s far chicer and more sustainable to choose very, very well than to consume indiscriminately.”  

So here’s were the retail math comes in.  

Take, for example, my cute little Gucci Mini Marmont handbag that cost me $890. This bag has been  on serious rotation for me over the last couple years and I’ve literally worn it with so many outfits  —  at least 120 times since I bought it. This brings the price to $7.41 CPW (cost per wear). Considering it goes with everything, it makes it totally worth it! Or, what if you really went for it and splurged on a Bottega Veneta bag for $3200? Seems ridiculous, BUT if you wore it three times a week for a year, that would bring the price to $22 CPW, which makes it a great deal. You get the idea!

I can confirm that making thoughtful purchases, and selecting items you love and will wear frequently, is a very smart step towards creating a beautiful wardrobe. And, of course, I have a few suggestions … so keep reading for everything you need to know now! Want a little style board inspo? Scroll to the bottom to see the latest one! 


#1 Invest in a timeless handbag …

these key pieces will last longer  

Images via Pinterest – Loewe and Bottega Veneta

Trust me on this one, adding a stylish handbag that works with all your outfits is a worthy investment. This one item has the ability to elevate every outfit, so find one you love and go for it. I have this one in my shopping cart, and this YSL camera bag is a personal favorite. Check out these favorites below.

Smaller bags and wallet on chain



Totes and everyday luxury bags



#2 Classic trenches and wool coats will always be in style

Camel coats

Whether you’re purchasing a classic coat like a Max Mara or a Burberry trench, this is a piece you will likely love (and wear) for years to come. I love this new style and it’s very reasonable for a classic camel coat. Check this one out too …. this year there are loads of options!


Timeless Coats




#3 Remember how important a blazer is …

The all-important blazer can be worn most seasons, and works from sneakers all the way to booties for a more dressed-up look. Veronica Beard is a favorite due to the versatility of adding their famous dickeys, which depending on the one you choose, can completely switch up the vibe. And more recently, the Rag and Bone style I’m wearing below is not only comfy but also super stylish right now! This is one of those key pieces that will last longer if you invest.

these key pieces will last longer 

Rag and Bone blazer (camel) and (Navy) | Mother brand denim | Clare V. Pouch | ATM tee


Rag and Bone blazer

Classic blazer



#4 Find your boots ASAP!!

I know that may sound dramatic, but the goal is to have the longest wearing time possible. Since boots are our go-to most days during fall/winter, give yourself permission to splurge! Not to mention that having a current bootie makes all your outfits look updated. This Rag & Bone bootie is perfect for casual, everyday wear, and these La Canadienne boots are practical since they’re weatherproof. For a slightly dressier bootie, Saint Laurent, Jimmy Choo and Prada are great splurge options.



#5 And finally, the accessories that complete everything.

First, make sure you own this black scarf. You will wear it for most of the year, it’ll keep you warm, and it adds a chic touch to your outfit. Also, particularly this season, make sure you add a belt or two. You’ll love these Rag & Bone styles or these Gucci options. And lastly, a pair of sunnies goes a very long way. It doesn’t matter that we’re heading into winter … you can still wear them all year round!! These key pieces will last longer.



Style Board Inspo

these key pieces will last longer

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