What is the perfect panty anyway?

Topshop dress from last summer | Natori feathers bra | Spanx lace panty | Ray Ban sunnies (similar)

What is the perfect panty anyway?  June is quickly approaching, and it’s time to get ready for warmer weather! This means pulling out our summer dresses, finding our shorts (if you wear them) and anything else that’s suitable for long summer days. But … what about the right panty underneath it all? I’ve seen everything from panty lines to old lady panties (my best friend wears them – hah!) to shapewear that actually makes everything worse 😂.  And then there’s the discomfort of wearing thongs under dresses!  At least for me anyway.

So what are the ideal options?  I’ve tried many of them, and between fitting room experiences and personal favorites, along with my trusted sources (thank you friends in the lingerie department), I’ve found some pretty great options! Keep reading to see which perfect panties will work under all your summer outfits!

Trusted Thong

In my mind, there are only two to consider: those by Hanky Panky, or my newest favorite, Bliss by Natori. Both one size, both super comfy, I wrote about them here. You should own AT LEAST one thong. You never know! 


Hanky Panky

Bliss by Natori


Granny Panties

I’m sure Chantelle won’t appreciate me calling them this, but I’m going to anyway, because they aren’t that attractive but they sure are comfy! And believe it or not, they are one size!  The Chantelle soft stretch panties come in several versions (and colors), our favorites are below. My trusted sources tell me that all the women in the lingerie department love this panty and they fit everyone!!  I agree with them as I wore mine today.  Try them.


Commando Brand

These panties quickly air dry, making them perfect for vacation. They are seamless and therefore don’t show AT ALL!!  We love the boy short, the thong and the panty


For a little tummy control

I absolutely love these panties by Spanx. They have a lace back with a light control in the front. The best part? They’re actually pretty!! I wear these under all my dresses if there’s any chance of seeing an unsightly roll!!


Chances are if you need new panties, then you probably need a new bra or two.  I know I do!!

The top two sellers in the Nordstrom Lingerie Department are the Natori Pure Luxe and Natori Feathers. I wrote about them here and here. I have personally tried them and I love love them both!!  The Pure Luxe style is perfect for all your summer tees, and the Feathers style has a plunging neckline, so they’re a little sexy, perfect for lower cut blouses!  I also recently purchased this Natori Flora, which is new and everyone is starting to love.


Strapless bras

These are always a must for halter style or strapless dresses, as well as jumpsuits. They can be tricky to find though – this one by Wacoal is a favorite, and try this style by Natori. Both get great reviews!


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  1. Totally agree with you on thongs and bras! My faves too. Will have to check out your other recos as I hate thongs under dresses, especially when the wind blows! I do like Unqlo’s Airism Hi Waist panty, and they’re very budget friendly.