20 February 2019

Inside LA’s hottest boutique hotel (and some travel tips)

No. 850 Hotel, West Hollywood 

The moment I walked into this newly opened, charming boutique hotel, I felt like I was home.  The fact that hotelier Jeff Klein (Sunset Tower) is the force behind this new hotel concept and that it was designed by renowned British interior designer Rita Konig made it even more appealing. Featured in the March 2019 issue of Elle Decor, the hotel is “an under the radar pied-à-terre for the curious and discerning.”

The photo above is where I spent two nights, lounging and relaxing, enjoying the LA vibe from my very own perch in the middle of West Hollywood. Everything from the luxurious bed linens to the prettiest shade of blue painted shiplap to the latte I brought back to my room was spectacular. Even the bathroom was something out of a magazine!  Marble, weathered brass, and beautiful hand blocked wallpaper … I could live in there! The lobby lounge was super cozy, the service was gracious and the rooftop terrace views were amazing!! I can’t wait to come back. Book a room here! And, read here about Klein’s latest project, the San Vicente Bungalows. This private, invite only club is right across the street.  I was politely declined when asked if I could take a peek 🙂



Here’s what I really learned during my little getaway….

As I mentioned before, I’m not the world’s best packer.  But, I do know what works and I love sharing the handy but fun I things learn along the way.



Luggage and packing cubes

First: my CALPAK suitcase, as excited as I was about it, was a little small for five days.  I highly recommend this bigger one. But, all in all it was SO nice to have a colorful bag to spot easily on the carousel!  The packing cubes? I should have purchased them years ago. My bag is tidier and all the clothes feel kind of protected –  HIGHLY recommend.  I also purchased this cosmetics case for $26.00, and wow did I feel organized.  Another purchase I’m really happy with!



Second: do invest in a great tote that’s durable and easy to carry.  Mine needs to be large enough to carry an iPad and ten magazines and whatever else I carry on, usually my cosmetics bag and lots of water!  You will use these all the time, not just on planes. This is a must-have.



Travel minis

Speaking of cosmetics, did you know that Nordstrom has a whole selection on mini (travel) size beauty products?  There are 499 items!  See below for some of my favorites. I’m sure many of you have a separate travel toiletry case with duplicates of all your necessities … but I didn’t — until now!  I found my favorite mascara, deodorant and even tweezers in travel sizes, and am working towards a fully stocked bag to grab and go when traveling in the future. So efficient.


A few more photos from this darling hotel!




850 Hotel Images are from their website and booking.com.  A couple are mine.

Thank you for reading, xoxo Susie