3 January 2019

#Beautyempties – My top 12

I didn’t know #beautyempties was a thing until recently, when I read an article about a fellow blogger who listed her favorite products – the ones she used until the very last drop.  This got me thinking … I should do my own version!

Let’s face it, we all have our essentials, the ones we can’t live without.  In the industry, we call it “replenishment.” Replenishment refers to items that we must always have in stock.  Since I work around beauty products all day long, I thought I’d share my list of those items.  Here they are, in no apparent order 🙂


Replenishment beauty favorites


Cetaphil cleanser

This may be surprising to some, but I have used this regularly for years, ever since it appeared in Allure’s Best of Beauty awards.  It’s not fancy, I just like it.


Retinol (prescription)

It’s the only thing that works, according to my dermatologist friend— and my dad (retired PhD Physics professor)! It reduces pores, corrects fine lines and wrinkles, stimulates collagen … so what’s not to like?  According to Dr. Lauren Boudreaux , it is THE gold standard.


Clarins eye makeup remover and maybelline eye makeup remover

I go through bottles of both of these, and I use them every day.  I don’t know why, I just do.  They remove all my eye makeup throughly, and my eyes are left clean, and not too oily and not too dry. 


Giorgio Armani foundation

I’ve been wearing foundation since high school.  Every day.  Not everyone does, and you’re lucky if you don’t. It’s important to find one that isn’t too cakey, looks natural and matches your skin tone.  I can’t say enough about this Best of Beauty award-winning foundation.  I use color 5.5.  


Charlotte Tilbury “Instagram for your face” powder

I’m on my 4th one. This could be since my daughter has swiped mine a couple of times.  She’s on her third too. Nothing more to say here except it’s the most perfect, lightweight finishing powder I’ve ever used.  I use color medium.


Chanel lipstick

This is my favorite; a natural, every day, neutral lipstick called “Adrienne.”  I carry one in my handbag, in my tote, in my travel bag and in my car. I wear it most days no matter what I’m doing – even to my workouts.


Burt’s Bees peppermint chapstick

There is one by my bed, in the glove compartment, in my purse, in my son’s room. My entire family uses this cult favorite chapstick.  Carry this with you at all times!


Laura Mercier caviar stick eye color in Rose Gold

Again – every day.  It’s easy to apply, looks good alone or with other shadows layered on top.  Makes your eyes pop, and looks pretty on everyone!


Chanel black waterproof eyeliner

I tightline my eyes most days.  Read here on what that means 🙂


Chanel Le Volume mascara

Currently this is the one on repeat.  See this post about my favorite mascaras.  


Aveda hair paste

This must-have hair product works wonders on my fine hair.  I use it for fly – always, and to give a little texture to my often curly hair!


Le Labo Santal 33 hand and body lotion, Santal 33 fragrance and Santal 26 candle

This lotion smells so so good, I use it every day.  Sometimes I wear it alone, and  sometimes I layer it with the Santal 33 fragrance. Read here for more details on this cult-favorite perfume.  I also love the candle so so much, and I might be on my 10th one!


Thank you for reading.  Xoxo Susie




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